Vaaká Analytics is ground breaking performance analysis software designed for both the elite and everyday paddlers.

Vaaká has developed this analytics software to allow Vaaká paddle cadence users to upload and analyze their training data. This software makes interpretation of you training data fast and simple. Display your training session as a graph then zoom in on one part of the session and instantly see average data for only that part of the training session selected.

Boat speed is a product of stroke rate (cadence) and distance per stroke . Vaaká Analytics is the first performance analysis product that can display cadence and distance per stroke side by side for any part of your training session.

Upload your Garmin .tcx training file to Vaaká Analytics.

Click and drag on any part of you training session to see an immediate display of average cadence, speed, heart rate and distance per stroke.

Compare similar efforts within a training session to check consistency.

Compare distance per stroke results over a range of cadences to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Compare training sessions weeks apart to monitor improvement.

No data is stored in Vaaká Analytics. Your data is discarded when you exit this program.

Remember to download your graphs or print your training session to record your performance data for future reference.